"Classrooms don't need tech geeks who can teach; we need teaching geeks who can use tech"

- David Guerin

OUr Story

We are Teachers who are passionate about teaching teachers.

We've all had to sit through long days of professional development, and we know how rare it can be to feel engaged and inspired by endless lectures and powerpoints.  Spark Education Solutions was born in the seats of an overcrowded auditorium at the end of a long in-service day.  As we walked out of the building towards our cars, we laughed at the irony of our situation-- we had been given the day off to learn, but we hadn't been given the opportunity to really do so.  The humor died away it struck us that we, as educators, are so often left to our own devices to learn, grow, and develop.  The sad truth is that we are on our own, and if we fail in our efforts to be self-taught and committed life-long learners, our efficacy as educators and jobs will be on the line.  With the ever-increasing rate of responsibilities and tasks piling on, teachers are in need of support more than ever.

Spark Education Solutions is dedicated to combat this.  We are a group of educators committed to facilitating teacher learning, growth, and development through compassionate instructional coaching, blogging, and the provision and development of customized interactive learning resources that will foster authentic learning.  Our goal is to meet each and every learner where they are and aid them in achieving their personal and professional goals because we feel that when teachers feel supported and inspired-- students inherently benefit.