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Our Process 

Regardless of what type of service you decide to get, we will always use the same process to ensure that you are getting the very best training program for your organization.


We begin every project with a brief client interview.  In this interview, we identify your learning goals for your organization, discuss what type of training you would like, and determine what type of training program you think would work best for your team.


Each of our training programs is customized to your goals, your team, and your environment.  In this phase of the project, we will create a curriculum and scope based on our discussion with you, develop a needs assessment to evaluate your team, and begin the research process to ensure that our program will best-suit your needs.


Based on our needs assessment data and your goals, our trainers will work to develop a training program that will engage your team and support their learning.  Each of our training sessions is designed to provide trainees with adequate time and resources to explore the content and develop necessary skills in a relevant and personal way. 


During the delivery of our custom training programs, we work to incorporate multimedia that will foster learner engagement and support all types of learners.  Our trainer will continually monitor your group for understanding and adapt their training pacing to meet your objectives and the needs of your team.  Last, an interactive resource will be shared with your team so that they can continue to apply their learning and on-the-job training. 


What we can do for you 

Professional Development

Custom programs to meet the learning needs of your school & staff

We create custom training programs to help you reach your organizational learning goals.

Empty Classroom
Technology Training

You pick the devices and we will build the training program for your users

Our talented staff is highly skilled with emerging technologies for both education, productivity and work-flow. 

Instructional Coaching

Allow us to work with your teachers and help them become the best they can be

We understand that teachers need the same support and compassion as our students, so we offer Instructional Coaching services to aid teachers through their growth & development.  

Corporate Training

On-the-job training that will help your whole team up their skills

Employee training can be a headache.  Let us help you create training programs that your staff will want to attend!  We can design both virtual and in-person programs.

Team Meeting
Educational Consultation

Research-based and data-driven recommendations to help your school

We have a wealth of experience and expertise in the K-12 industry.  Let us help you to reach your goals!

Typing on Computer
Custom Training

We are happy to help you tackle whatever your organizational learning challenges are

If you have a specific goal or aim for your organizational learning, we would be happy to support you.  Contact us for a quote.


How can we help spark learning in your organization?


Professional Development

G Suite for Education

Apple for Education

Promethean Planet & ClassFlow

SMART Technologies

Digital Citizenship

21st Century Learning & Media Literacy

LMS Management & eLearning Design

STEAM/STEM Curriculum Initiatives

Integrating Maker Spaces & PBL

Differentiated Instruction

Flipped & Blended Learning

What our Clients have to say:

I can't say enough about your skills, professionalism, and the amazing things you have done.  You helped to advance our staff and administrators thinking in the areas of technology and technology education, and pushed the envelope further than I imagined!

Reuben Mills, CEO, Green Woods Charter School (Philadelphia,PA)